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Return process

Return Process

1. Conditions for acceptance of after-sales service

1) Due to the fact that the quantity of the goods is not right, the model does not agree with the product, the product quality needs to be returned to the customer, the application for the return can be put forward within two weeks after the receipt of the goods, and the overdue will not be accepted.

2) Please keep the complete original package (including the outer packing and the inner filler) and ensure the good label of the goods. The goods label is the only evidence for the FindChipsmall and the supplier to coordinate the return of the goods. If the loss is lost, the goods will not be refundable.

3) If customers request to return products due to product quality problems, customers need to provide detailed English performance test reports as a basis for consultation between FindChipsmall and suppliers. If necessary, the third party's English test report is also required.

4) The invoiced order must be returned if the application is returned.


2. Inadmissibility of after-sales service

1) The product's original packaging and labels are damaged and missing.

2) The products that have been used / tested on the machine.

3) The time of receipt is more than two weeks.

4) The invoice has been lost.

5) The wrong order caused by the customer's own reasons.


3. Submitting after sale steps

1) The user can search the completed order after the search order number or product model in the member center page, search order number or product model, click "apply for after sale", and you will:  

2) Enter the after sale details page, save it according to the instructions, save it, FindChipsmall customer service personnel will contact you and communicate with you in time.


4. After sale service time

After the customer submitted the after sale application, the FindChipsmall customer service staff will receive and feedback within two working days.

5.Return Address

Hong Kong

Room 2113, Level 21 Landmark North., 39Lung Sum Avenue,. 

Sheung Shui, New Territories. HK.