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Common problem

Common problems

Q1: Why do you want to register a FindChipsmall member?

Only registered users can purchase on the FindChipsmall homepage and enjoy all kinds of preferential price packages and integral gifts.

Only registered users can log on to the "member center" and manage their personal data with the rich membership function provided by FindChipsmall.

Only registered users can get our promotional gifts or cash coupons.


Q2: How to order goods at FindChipsmall?

You can first browse our website homepage to find out the type of product you need, and see which your satisfied products can be added to the shopping cart directly and then pay for the order.


Q3: Are all the components and models that I need to buy on the website?

At present, all the goods that can be found on the FindChipsmall website can be purchased directly, which can basically guarantee the delivery of the day. If the spot is sold out temporarily, we can help you to order free of charge. Assuming that the products you need are not available in our mall, we can even help purchase them.


Q4: What do you do when you forget the password?

When you forget the password, please log in to the registration page and click "forget the password". The system will automatically tell you your password through email, and you can log in to the "membership center" to change the password to ensure your benefit.


Q5: Can the order of FindChipsmall provide a contract?

Sure. After placing an order on the electronic website of FindChipsmall, customers can operate the printed sales contract PDF document on the website. The contract is a contractual contract between the parties, which has the force of law.


Q6: How does the order and delivery of FindChipsmall be tracked?

After the customer submits the order online, FindChipsmall will notify the customer's order status in time by SMS. Orders can be issued for second days, and customers can check the real-time shipping status of orders in "my order". Customers can also check the order number of the domestic express in "my order", and grasp the status of the order in real time. If there is any doubt about the delivery date of the order, you can contact FindChipsmall customer service hotline 18162571003 or inquire through online customer service.


Q7: How does the invoice of FindChipsmall be issued?

FindChipsmall can issue all VAT invoices for all orders (with a cumulative amount of more than 3000 yuan), and all products are subject to regular taxation according to the requirements of the state.


Q8: Does FindChipsmall accept a telephone inquiry?

Sure. Customer can call customer service hotline +86-18162571003, we will conduct manual queries for you. However, since online orders involve personal information, we recommend that customers place specific orders online.


Q9: If there are quality problems with the goods, how do I return them?

FindChipsmall only provides authentic products with transparent channels, and 100% guarantees quality. When the customer has doubts about the quality of the products received, please call the customer service hotline at 18162571003 at the first time. We will communicate with the supplier quickly, and arrange the handling of the return and exchange according to the quality problems of the supplier. For complaints and return applications related to product quality issues, please submit within 15 days after receipt of the goods.


Q10: What are the specific procedures for order distribution?

After receiving your payment, we will arrange the order for you. After the order is successful, your order status will be changed to "wait for the delivery". After receiving the goods, FindChipsmall will arrange shipment for you at the first time, and your order status will be changed to "waiting for receiving". To ensure timely and accurate delivery of your products, please fill out the detailed consignee information and contact details when ordering.